Lubbock: Texas Music Flood Relief Concert
Lubbock: Texas Music Flood Relief Concert
The Blue Light / Lubbock, Texas
Sunday, October 8
Inside 4:00 PM / Patio 6:00 PM

Texas Music Flood is Texas’ largest multi-venue statewide relief concert series to provide aid for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas on Aug. 25, 2017. It is a coordinated effort among venues, artists, promoters, radio stations and media to maximize impact, resources and aid to devastated Texas communities. All proceeds generated by Texas Music Flood events will support immediate and long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts through the Rebuild Texas Fund.

Dan Patterson
Dave Martinez
Jenni Dale Lord
The Gibsonses
Dalton Domino
Ronnie Eaton
Jordan Kirk
Jordan McEwen
Billy Hartman
Gypsy Jayne
Zoe Carter
Eddie Esler
Jim Dixon
Wade Parks
Jerry Serrano
Craig Elliot
Phlip Coggins
Brian Findley
Corie Newton
Brenda & Jerry Slater
Danny Cadra
Derek Bohl
Steve Lott
Shea Abshier
Sam Choate
Brady Beal
Jay Dee Lord

Texas Music Flood lineup